New build and cladding


This client wanted us to build an entirely new structure in their garden, with its own electricity supply to serve as an extension to the existing building.

We began this large-scale building project by filling the rectangular base (which used to be a pond) with concrete to make base.

Our bricklayer then bricked up the walls, leaving openings for the doors and windows. We then built wood frames on top for walls and wooden beams for sealing.

Next, the fascias and soffits went on, allowing the roofers to tile the roof. The doors and windows could then be fitted and cladding  installed to the walls to complete the outside.

When the structure was fully-weatherproofed from the outside, we were able to start work inside, insulating and and plasterboarding the walls, which we then plastered over to give a fine finish.

The final touches included repairing the outside path to the outbuilding and our electrician could then install the lights and sockets.