Asset Home Improvements can carry out a complete range of roofline replacement projects, including fascias, soffits, bargeboards, gutters and down pipes to the highest standards.

Our preference is completely remove your existing roofline materials. With fascia and soffit replacements as a matter of course we remove the 1st courses of roof tiles to ensure the best quality and most long-lasting finish.

We incorporate a section of replacement roof felt or membrane to protect the joist ends before re-laying the roof tiles.

However, on occasion we detect rot to joist ends which as you will appreciate will not be apparent until the tiles are removed.

In the unlikely event rot is discovered, we will bring this to your notice and recommend a course of action if any is required. No additional works will be undertaken without your consent to any additional cost and approval.

On gable ends we check for cracked cement to the verges at quotation stage and the cost of replacing cement verges if required will be included in our quoted price.

We offer white, rosewood, black and oak colour options to suit the building or your requirements if you wish to change the exterior of your property. Brown is also available but may incur an additional cost.

Scaffolding costs if required will be included at quotation stage. As you will appreciate we are obliged to comply with Health and Safety Regulations and in some cases scaffolding cannot be avoided.