The Government is seeking to relax rules so that residents can extend a property by a given amount without having to seek permission.

At present you can construct an extension single or double storey or conservatory which cannot exceed 4000 mm from the rear face of the property if you have a detached house or 3000mm if you have a semi-detached or terraced property.

However, if you have a projecting wall or extension already to the rear elevation your 3000 or 4000 mm allowable projection is taken from the rear most projection (ie if you have a 3000 mm projecting extension you cannot add 3000 or 4000mm to that wall).

Additionally, planning departments will not allow you to take too much of any neighbours light. If you have a semi or terraced property they will strike a 45 degree line from the closest edge to the boundary of a neighbour’s nearest window.

If you want to exceed the 3000mm or 4000mm projection you require Planning Consent and the 45 degree rule will come into play unless your can prove your haven’t taken too much light.

Asset Home Improvements is able to put together the plans and submit the planning application to the local council as your agent. Please contact us to find out more information about this service.