Garden works

FenceAsset Home Improvements is happy to undertake a wide range of garden works, including adding drainage systems, fencing and installing decking to make your garden the perfect oasis.



We can install fences around the outside of your boundary to ensure it lasts, even in the most challenging weather conditions.

Before quoting a job, we will visit the site and perform a site survey to ensure we recommend the best options for you, based on ground condition and current installations. We are then able to give you a more accurate quote and timescale, depending on the extent of works required.

To prevent rot, we will ensure we install the relevant safeguards, depending on the location of the fence and the finish you require.



Do you have problems with your garden becoming waterlogged in the winter or during summer storms? We can help eradicate the issue with a proper drainage system to prevent areas of your garden flooding. Whether you’d like us to install the system in your front or back garden, or on the edge of your property to prevent rainwater invading your home, we can help.

Decking installation


We can design, build and install high-quality decking to transform your garden into a beautiful oasis. Whether you require hardwood or softwood (we are happy to discuss the benefits of both types), a smooth finish, non-slip or any other kind, we are happy to help.

We can also advise on the best way to install stairs down to the garden if required, balustrades and other finishes to make sure your decking looks god, is safe and lasts as long as your home.